iPhone 5 pictures: Spy shot leaked in France?

Right looks, but dodgy photo makes us think fake

The rumour mill spits out another would-be Apple iPhone 5 design but this time, the leak comes in the form of a top-secret image captured inside a French mobile carrier's office

A new reputed iPhone 5 picture is doing the rounds on the web, this one reportedly coming from inside a mobile carrier's office in France, where security is apparently so Orwellian the uploader has had to pixelate his own hands.

The photo, which sprung up on the MacRumours forums under the title "iPhone 5: The first picture", appears to show what we've been led to expect from all the other Apple iPhone 5 rumours (opens in new tab) drifting around the interweb: slimmer body, curved back, bigger screen. However, the internet at large remains unconvinced:

"Of course [the picture] is fake" claims Gizmodo, after knocking up their own similar iPhone 5 image in photoshop. "Don't believe in Apple rumours, people. Especially not blurry ones posted on Twitter."

We'd have to agree: a solitary, pixelated shot at a wonky angle ain't enough to get us on board with this. We're also wondering how the photo was actually taken, what with both of our corporate spy's hands being visible in the shot. Unless more pop up, we're calling fake on this, too.

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