Orbitsound ONE P70 review: a super one-box soundbar

This one-box soundbar-speaker is an absolute joy to beef up TV sound or use for music

T3 Verdict

Clear, room-filling sound, but it could do with more ways to connect your devices. It helps it's very nicely priced, too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent room-filling clarity

  • +

    Rock-solid build

  • +

    Super price

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No AirPlay or Spotify Connect

  • -

    Some will miss an external subwoofer

  • -

    Actually rather big

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British audio specialist Orbitsound has unveiled its latest compact soundbar, the One P70. Orbitsound isn't alone in producing a one-box solution and indeed, there are now a fair few around on the market. 

The main idea of the One P70 is that it's not just a soundbar, but an affordable  living room audio one-stop-shop. Indeed, you can use it in three different ways - as a tabletop speaker, a TV soundbar or a wall-mounted box. 

You can currently order one in black, while bamboo and white versions will arrive later this year for the same price.

It's not the most compact device (measuring 70cm x 17.2cm x 7.5cm, more on that later) but it will suit multiple home entertainment scenarios, depending on what you want to use it for. 

The One P70 features four 2-inch drivers on top, on front and two on the sides providing a wall of sound whether it's laying flat like we have it here or on its end underneath a wall-mounted TV or commercial display for example (you can rotate the Orbitsound logo to suit!)

The unit sits on rubber pads to stop slipping and to enable cables to pass out from under the box. 

Alongside Bluetooth connectivity, the One P70 also features optical as you'd expect as well as a 3.5mm auxillary input in a cut-out area on the bottom. No HDMI here, so everything needs to be connected to your TV.

Unfortunately the One P70 doesn't have Wi-Fi capability. We always understand manufacturers not putting AirPlay into their devices, but Spotify Connect is fast becoming a must-have. It needs Wi-Fi!

The 3.5mm jack does offer you a route to Wi-Fi sound with an Amazon Echo Dot, for example, which will give you access to Spotify Connect or Amazon's own music services. 

The best thing about this soundbar is the sound. Music really does fill the room and it is exceedingly clear and crisp. Bass, too, is impressive for a one-boxer. 

However, certain people will miss an external sub - it probably depends on what kind of music you listen to and how loud and bassy you want it. If you're not that way inclined, rest assured the One P70 will provide you with more than enough boom. 

Orbitsound has worked hard on its own Airsound technology that is designed to make the audio sound 'bigger' from anywhere you're listening. You don't need to be in a particular position to hear the best sound from the box. 

The side drivers (below) are key the Airsound effect as they provide left and right breadth to the audio, while the main front/top drivers deliver the power. 

We used the One P70 for watching action movies, football and drama (amongst other things) and the sound reproduction was impressive all round, even for dialogue. 

These are the screw fixing holes on the base should you want to wall mount it, and you get the screws in the box. 

Everything is designed for simplicity, not least the remote, with an input switcher, track controls, volume and mute, bass and treble controls and an on/off button. It's pleasant to use. 

There are also controls for Bluetooth, volume, power and input switching on the side of the One P70 itself. 

There's no display on the device, merely different coloured LEDs under a panel on the top right. These are white when you're adjusting levels of volume, for example, while a red, green or blue (Bluetooth) light indicates which input you have selected. 

As you'd expect for a device with so few cables, set up is exceedingly simple. There are a couple of 'hidden' features like an option to boost the optical audio if it's weak, but it's a shame that most users won't find these unless they read the manual properly! You can also switch around the display for wall mounting. 

As you can see the appearance of the One P70 is pretty utilitarian in black metal. However, most soundbars are black and it's not meant as a negative; the build quality is excellent. However, because the One P70 is, essentially, an oblong, it's quite a slab to have in front of your TV, especially if you don't have a lot of space. 

It is 17cm from front to back, so it is quite a deep device. Certainly it's worth bearing in mind if you have a TV unit that isn't the biggest. 

The white and bamboo versions will certainly have a more subtle appearance. 

T3 Verdict

Overall, we're big fans of the One P70. The sound is excellent for the price - plenty of clarity, decent bass, and room-filling music. Some will want more bass, but it will be a minority. 

However, the lack of Wi-Fi is a real drawback and a speaker that claims to be all-purpose really needs to have as much on-board connectivity as possible. 

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