Take your spin class from home with this budget-friendly bike

The MYX II Plus is a great spin bike for people looking for an affordable option

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike
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T3 Verdict

Between the sturdy design, huge variety of workout classes, the suite of exercise accessories, and impressive tech features (including a swivel touchscreen), you’d be hard-pressed to find an at-home spin bike that offers this much value at such an affordable price point.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Affordable price point

  • +

    21.5” swivel touch screen makes

  • +

    Customized heart rate training

  • +

    Comes equipped with a variety of accessories

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as smooth of a ride as other bikes on the market

  • -

    Adjusting seat and handlebars can be a bit clunky

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In this MYX II Plus review, I’ll go in-depth on all the reasons why the MYX II Plus might be the at-home exercise bike you’ve been looking for. This includes all the must-know features, functionality, and benefits, as well as any potential drawbacks that might make you think twice before adding this piece of equipment to your home gym.

The MYX II Plus is the latest at-home fitness bike from MYXfitness. The bike delivers targeted, heart rate-based workouts through MYX+Openfit and Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi), which gives users access to live and on-demand classes, on and off the bike. It also comes equipped with a variety of accessories to elevate the workout experience (including a dumbbell set, kettlebell, and foam roller). All this at a price point that’s significantly lower than comparable options on the market.

I spent a few weeks using the MYX II Plus to see if this at-home cycling bike is worth the money. Spoiler alert: it definitely is. 

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike

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MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: price and availability

The MYX II Plus retails at $1599, which includes free shipping, white glove delivery and assembly service. To access classes, membership to MYX+Openfit is $39 per month and BODi membership is $29 per month.

If you’re just looking for the bike, without the extra accessories, the MYX II (which includes the bike, swivel screen, and Polar Heart Rate Monitor) retails at $1399 and also includes the shipping, delivery, and assembly.

Currently, the MYX II Plus is only available in the US (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). 

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike

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MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: setup and fit

As mentioned, the MYX II Plus comes with free shipping, delivery, and assembly. Of all the fitness equipment I have had delivered and assembled (and there has been a lot), this process was both the fastest and the most convenient. The assembly crew arrived with the bike, brought it upstairs to my husband’s office, and it was assembled, running, and ready to go in about 15 minutes.

One thing I really appreciated about the MYX II from the get-go was its size. I have a good amount of fitness equipment, and finding space for new things can be a challenge (which is why the bike ended up in my husband’s office). But at just 54” L x 21” W by 47” H, the MYX II is visibly more compact than other bikes on the market, making it a great fit if you’re tight on space. For comparison, the Peloton — which is a pretty compact piece of equipment itself — is 59” L by 23” W by 53” H.

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike

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MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: use and the cycling experience

The MYX II Plus comes equipped with a 21.5” swivel touch screen. To get started, you just need to hit the power button on the outer right corner.

When you startup, the touch screen prompts you to open or log into your Openfit account (more on this in a bit). Once you’re logged in, it asks you some general questions (for example, height, weight, and exercise goals) before bringing you to your home dashboard screen, where you can access a variety of tutorial videos to help you get started with your bike.

This includes a tutorial video on how to set up your MYX II Plus bike, which walks you through how to adjust your seat and handlebars. This is super helpful, particularly if you’re new to spin bikes, although I have to say, the process of adjusting the seats and handlebars on the MYX II Plus is slightly more cumbersome than other bikes I’ve used. I had a hard time getting the pin to stay in place as I was adjusting my seat height. 

The video also walks you through the pedals and proper alignment for your ride. The MYX II Plus’ pedals offer dual-functionality, so you can either clip in with SPD-compatible spin shoes or use the pedal’s cages to ride with sneakers. There’s also a tutorial on how to connect your heart rate monitor to the MYX II Plus, which is a must if you want to take advantage of the bike’s custom heart rate zone workouts.

Once I had the MYX II Plus adjusted to suit my height, I hopped on and started getting acquainted with the bike. As mentioned, the bike features a high-definition 21.5” touch screen that comes equipped with 20W speakers and 360-degree swivel functionality that allows you to easily transition between on-bike and off-bike workouts. 

Underneath the handlebars, you’ll find the MYX II Plus’ resistance knob. Unlike other bikes, the MYX II Plus doesn’t offer specific resistance levels. Instead, you just turn the knob to the right until you reach your desired level of resistance. It does, however, track cadence, speed and distance through the speed sensor, which is located behind the left pedal crank. 

In terms of the cycling experience, the MYX II Plus provides a comparable ride to more expensive spin bikes, albeit slightly less smooth. One area where the MYX II Plus definitely shines, however, is with its accessories. 

The bike comes with a variety of fitness accessories to help flesh out your workout experience, including a dumbbell set (I went for the medium set, which included a pair of 6lb, 9lb, and 12lb dumbbells), a kettlebell (the medium set includes a 20lb kettlebell), resistance band and foam roller. The MYX II Plus also comes with a stabilizing mat for the bike and an exercise mat for your off-bike workouts. 

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike

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MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: workout classes through OpenFit and BODi

In order to take advantage of everything the MYX II Plus has to offer, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly subscription to the fitness platform Openfit (which will run you $39 per month). 

MYX+Openfit offers a huge variety of on-demand spin classes that cater to a variety of fitness levels, goals and preferences, from HIIT workouts to endurance rides to strength-and-ride and combo classes. They also have a huge variety of trainers and plenty of different class lengths — so whatever kind of workout you’re on the market for, you’ll be able to find one on MYX+Openfit.

I have to say, I’ve tried a ton of fitness platforms and often find their classes lacking. But the classes on MYX+Openfit were fun, challenging and kept me super engaged with the workout experience. I especially enjoyed the classes that combined the bike and strength and floor work.  I used to think that swivel screens on bikes were kind of gimmicky, but it was actually awesome to be able to hop off the bike, turn the screen and jump right into my strength workout. 

Openfit also offers a host of other workouts and programs you can do when you’re not training on your MYX II Plus — like running, walking, cross-training, and yoga — which definitely ups the value of the monthly subscription fee.

In addition to Openfit, the MYX II Plus is also compatible with Beachbody On Demand Interactive (BODi). For an additional $29 per month, this offers additional live and on-demand classes, both on and off the bike.

MYX Fitness MYX II Plus bike

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MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: verdict

In terms of what you get for the price tag, the MYX II Plus is one of the best value bikes you’ll find. With access to a huge variety of high-quality classes, a decent riding experience, and plenty of bells and whistles (like the fitness accessories and swivel touch screen) to elevate your workout, the MYX II would be a great addition to any home gym — and at a lower price tag than many other options on the market.

MYX fitness MYX II Plus review: also consider

If you’re willing to spend a bit more for an unparalleled riding experience, try the BowFlex VeloCore Bike, which offers arguably the smoothest ride you’ll get from an at-home spin bike. Or, if you want the same kind of access to classes you’ll find on the MYX II Plus. but aren’t a huge fan of spin, try the Sole E35 Elliptical, which is compatible with STUDIO, a fitness platform that offers over 3,000 on-demand classes (including plenty of elliptical workouts). 

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