Apollo City 2022 Pro review: the top dog of electric scooters

The City Pro is the more powerful electric scooter model that can climb steeper and go longer to cope with any city commute – as long as you don’t have to carry it too far

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Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter
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The Apollo City 2022 Pro is a high-end electric scooter designed for commuting in style, with all the power and range you might need. For riding experience, you really can’t get much better, but if you need to fold it up and carry it, you’ll be looking at a serious workout.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incredible build quality

  • +

    Very smooth ride

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    This thing can move!

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Folding hook doesn’t stay in place

  • -

    Seriously heavy

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The Apollo City 2022 Pro is the big brother of the Apollo City 2022, which I tested earlier this year. That was one of the best electric scooters I’ve ever ridden, so I was keen to see what this suped-up version could bring. 

The main difference with the Pro model is that, rather than the single 500W motor, it has two 500W motors. That means a faster top speed (32mph rather than 27mph), more power for inclines and a longer range. The downside is that also means more weight. Rather than an already significant 26kg (57lbs), the Pro weighs in at 29.5kg (65lbs). That’s about the same as a fully grown labrador dog – you can pick it up but you wouldn’t want to carry it any distance. 

So, for this review, I’m first going to look at who this scooter is for, and then establish if in fact, it is the best model for the job. I’ve ridden this one on roads and tracks to see how it performs and as with the standard City 2022, I’ll be sad to see it go. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro: price and availability

The Apollo City 2022 Pro has a list price of $1799 or £1599. However, it’s currently available online for $1599 or £1519. This is around £150 or $300 more than the standard Apollo City 2022. Both models were announced earlier in 2022 with a release over the summer, though availability of the Pro model came slightly later. 

You can buy Apollo scooters direct from the manufacturer or through many of the specialist electric scooter stores in the UK and the US. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

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Apollo City 2022 Pro: design and features

Other than a little extra weight thanks to the second 500W motor and larger 18Ah battery, the Apollo City 2022 Pro is practically identical to the non-Pro version. This is no bad thing, as the City 2022 is an excellently made scooter, built with aircraft-grade aluminium. The whole scooter is on the chunkier side, from the 8-inch wide deck to the giant suspension springs that feel bouncy enough to cope with any surface. 

The only change I noticed was that the power, manual and indicator buttons on the handlebars were more clearly badged – though it could be that the original City 2022 I tested was an early prototype. 

The huge amount of power in these dual 500W motors means that the Pro is capable of a top speed of 32mph. However, due to UK regulations, the scooter is limited to 15mph for public use. If you’re using it on private land, you can change the speed limiter in the Apollo App. What it does mean though is that this model is even better on inclines. The specifications state a maximum of 20% incline is possible with the Pro, compared to 10% on the standard City 2022. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

Features a nice wide deck

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With such speed potential, it’s no surprise that the braking options are well thought out. Here you get both front and rear brake levers, as well as an electric braking system with regenerative braking via a paddle on the left-hand side, which is preferable when travelling at speed.

Then there’s the triple suspension system, which uses dual suspension on the rear and single on the front, combined with 10-inch wheels, with self-healing tubeless tyres on front and back for a smoother ride.

For all-weather use, the scooter has an IP66 water resistance rating, which means you can hose it down if it gets muddy, without damaging it. All this amounts to a unit that feels ready for any commute on the road or any adventure on track.

My only gripe is the clip that is used to secure the steering pole when the scooter is folded down. This is a metal hook that extends from near the handlebars and connects with a small metal loop that folds out of the deck. If you hold the carry handle instead of the pole, the hook comes undone easily from the loop, leaving the pole to flail around. It would be much better if this could use some form of carabiner hook to hold it in place. It’s a small thing, but it does make an already heavy scooter even more difficult to pick up.

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

The folding hook isn't ideal

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Apollo City 2022 Pro: performance

When it comes to performance, the Apollo City 2022 Pro is faultless. The thing is incredibly sturdy and well-built, giving you the confidence to ride it on the road next to cars and buses. Doing this on smaller scooters can feel pretty intimidating but on this one, you can stand your ground – helped by the face that there’s plenty of lights and even indicators to show exactly where you are going. 

The suspension really impresses. There’s enough bounce here that you can actually jump the scooter over potholes or off curbs if you wanted. It soaks up those bone-shaking road vibrations and lets you enjoy the ride. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

Folded down

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Then there’s the speed. Going 32mph on a scooter is mind-blowingly fast and something you should only attempt on the clearest of tracks. If you come off at that kind of speed, you’ll know about it – which is why I always wear my Thousand helmet these days. Personally, I find that 21-24mph is the sweet spot for most journeys, as it’s closer to the kind of speeds you would do on a bike. It makes no sense to me why electric bikes and scooters have speed limits lower than you could pedal, but there you go, I, unfortunately, don’t make the rules.

All that power really does help on hills too, I had no problem going from a standstill to full power on a pretty steep incline – something I wouldn’t even consider on some models.

Add to this the great range from that big battery and you’ve got a scooter that you probably only have to charge once a week. The Apollo app is a big benefit too, allowing you to not only control settings like the speed limiter and cruise control, but also gives you the ability to lock the scooter, for extra security. If you opt for the phone holder, you can mount your phone on the handlebars and use the app’s turn-by-turn directions too.

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

Rear dual suspension

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Apollo City 2022 Pro: verdict

The Apollo City 2022 Pro is perhaps the ultimate electric scooter in terms of rideability. It’s big and powerful and makes you feel safe and secure when you ride it. If you are planning to use it from point to point, it’s perfect. I can wheel it out of my garage and be at the office in no time. 

Where it isn’t ideal is for those times when you need to take the scooter on the bus or the train, or carry it up the stairs. This model is too big and heavy for that, unless you’re incredibly strong – or want to use it as part of a workout. 

You could lift it into the back or a car, or a van, or place it into a storage bin, but I’d avoid attempting to do more than that on a regular basis. If you need to fold and carry your scooter regularly as part of your journey, there are other models for that. 

For the price difference between the regular and Pro models, I’d argue that most users will be more than catered for with the standard scooter. The extra speed and distance are negligible at most, so unless you are likely to find yourself at that 27mph limit, 30-mile range or live in a very hilly area, you probably don’t need to pay the extra. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

Front suspension

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Apollo City 2022 Pro: also consider

For most users I would recommend considering the standard Apollo City 2022 over the Pro model. The build quality is the same and it still has the same great features. It’s just fractionally slower but also lighter. 

If you plan on carrying your scooter, the Apollo Air 2022 is a great choice. It’s considerably lighter, at 38.5lbs / 17.5kg but still gives a solid 21mph top speed, 10-inch wheels and front fork suspension. 

Similarly, the Segway Ninebot Max G30LP is 38.6lbs / 17.5kg and tops out at 18.6mph (though is limited in the UK). 

Apollo City 2022 Pro electric scooter

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