Acebeam Rider RX torch review: Uniquely designed torch that fits on a belt or bag

The Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch weighs just 74g, is slightly wider than a smartphone and has a unique and useful 'slide' design

Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch
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T3 Verdict

With a hard-wearing titanium shell and a novel stainless steel pocket clip that also protects this 650 lumens torch from accidentally being activated, the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch makes for a practical and good value product for casual use.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Uses an AA battery

  • +

    Unique 'slide' design

  • +

    Stainless steel pocket clip

  • +

    USB-C rechargeable battery

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No red light mode

  • -

    60 minutes high brightness mode

  • -

    Lacks high brightness for hiking

  • -

    Uses an AA battery

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In this Acebeam Rider RX torch review, we will see something rare on products like these – a totally original design. The key feature on the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX isn't its 650 lumens LEDs but a unique mechanism that sees the on/off tail switch retreat within this torch's titanium chassis. Why would you want to do that?

As well as making it impossible for the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX to switch on accidentally while in a pocket or bag, it also gives this torch a flat end so you can stand it up. All useful stuff, but there's plenty more to like about this design besides. Can it make it into T3's best torch ranking? Read on for my full Acebeam Rider RX torch review.

Acebeam Rider RX torch review: Price and availability

The Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch is available now at Amazon US and Amazon UK for a recommended retail price of US$51.99 / UK £52.99 / around AU$72. As well as the titanium version I'm reviewing here, it's also available in stainless steel for a slightly lower price and in blue, silver, 'sophisto grey' and 'rainbow'. 

Acebeam Rider RX torch review: Features

Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch specs

Weight: 69.5g/2.45oz
Size: 95.7 x 18.6 x 26.1mm
Max lumens: 650
Beam range: 96m
Waterproof rating: IPX4
Power: USB-C rechargeable AA battery
Max. runtime: 7 days

The Acebeam Rider RX is a 650 lumens torch with a 96 metre/315 ft. range that uses an AA battery. It's compatible with alkaline, NiMH batteries and lithium batteries, which means you can swap-in a fresh battery whenever you like (though in the box is a USB-C rechargeable 14,500 Li-ion AA battery). 

It's got five light modes that are accessed by lightly touching the on/off switch; seven lumens, 70 lumens, 280 lumens, 650 lumens and a 450 lumens SOS mode. The seven lumens mode  lasts for a whopping 53 hours, but the 650 lumens mode goes for only an hour. The Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch also boasts CRI 90 luminaries, which means accurate colour rendering. 

The mechanism that snaps the tail switch in and out of the chassis doubles as a sturdy belt clip, which is U-shaped so can be attached to a belt or bag a number of different ways. It also comes with a wrist strap that can be tightened. (If you're looking for something that'll let you go hands-free, our guides to the best camping lanterns and the best head torches have plenty of alternative recommendations, depending on your activity.). 

Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch review: Build quality and performance

Although I like the mechanism that snaps the tail switch in and out of the chassis – largely because it prevents the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch being switched on by accident – it serves a dual purpose. With the tail switch inside the chassis it's possible to screw off the luminaire to reveal that AA battery compartment. We're on the fence about whether torches should use built-in batteries or use AA batteries, but at least with the latter you can keep a spare battery in your pocket or bag and thus never run out of light. 

However, even in its highest brightness mode, the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX isn't the brightest torch you're ever going to own. It's absolutely fine for using out and about, whether you're nipping outside at night to find something in the garage or walking your dog, but its 650 lumens isn't enough to illuminate a treacherous hiking path at night, for example. It also lacks a red light mode for preserving night vision, which is a shame though the seven lumens mode mostly makes up for that.  

As well as being relatively small and lightweight, the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch can take some rough treatment. During my review, I dropped it a few times with no bad effects. Rated as IPX4 waterproof, the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch can also be submersed in two metres of water.

Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch review: Verdict

A well designed torch for casual everyday use, the Acebeam Titanium Rider RX is the kind of product designed for daily living rather than extreme outdoor adventures. I like its unique 'slide' design and choice of four intensities and it comes in a hard-wearing rugged chassis. 

Acebeam Titanium Rider RX torch review: Also consider

The similar-looking Olight S2R Baton II gets to twice the brightness and has a beam range about a third larger, while the slightly less bright NeBo Big Larry 2 has a magnetic base for hands-free lighting but takes three AA batteries. For something much bigger and brighter, the Maglite ML150LRX offers 1,082 lumens and has a beam that stretches to a whopping 458 metres. 

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