Why you should choose Three for your new iPhone

Whether you buy from Apple or get your phone on contract, here’s why you’ll want to power your shiny iPhone X with Three’s network

Q: I keep maxing my data watching video and streaming music on my commute. What can I do?

A: Sit back, relax and stop worrying, that’s what. You could change your habits and pack your phone’s storage with media – most streaming services have some kind of download option – but you don’t always know what you’ll be in the mood for before you go. Mobile entertainment doesn’t have to take up all your data, though: opt for Three’s Go Binge option when you sign up for one of its 4GB and above advanced plans and you’ll be able to enjoy streaming services including Netflix, Deezer, TVPlayer and SoundCloud infinitely without using up your data. Scare yourself silly on the train with the new series of Stranger Things on Netflix; rock out to Deezer’s curated Flow music stream or discover the latest indie tunes from SoundCloud; and even quiet squabbling children with instant access to Nickelodeon via TVPlayer. You can watch and listen to the shows and music you love, without fear of exceeding your data limit.

Q: Is there a cheaper way to get online when I’m abroad?

A: Why take your phone on holiday if you’re not going to use it? New European regulations put an end to hefty roaming fees for everyone, but Three goes one further: its Feel At Home service enables you to use your data, calls and texts in 60 worldwide destinations – including the US, Australia and beyond – meaning you can use your phone exactly as if you were back in the UK, with no worries about extra costs when you get home.

Q: I get poor signal in my house on my old phone. Is there any easy way to improve this?

A: Every new phone generation brings improvements to phone antennas, but with a phone from Three, you’ll benefit from a host of other improvements, too. 4G Super-Voice technology means that Three pushes its 4G signal, which is compatible with voice, texts and data, on low frequencies that penetrate walls incredibly efficiently. You’ll get a strong signal in more places – indoor black spots be damned.

Q: I very rarely make calls or texts. How can I make the most of my data?

A: We understand. Most of us in the office are constantly hammering Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp on our phones, with barely a traditional text in sight. Three’s internet-first philosophy is the perfect choice for a data-hungry generation: there are tons of all-you-can-eat (AYCE) data plans and, as we’ve mentioned, unique options like Go Binge and Go Roam mean you can live your connected life without a second thought. Three’s network carries 36 per cent of the UK’s mobile internet traffic, so they know what they’re doing. As long as you pick one of Three’s advanced plans, you’ll also get a hefty chunk of personal hotspot allowance – up to 30GB per month – which really increases what you can do with your data. And if you don’t go all-you-can-eat, it’s quick and easy to keep tabs on your data usage through the Three app. May you never run out again

Q: New iPhones are expensive – how can I make my £ go further?

A: The easiest way to get some extra mileage from your pay packet is to look out for killer offers on the things you love (and need) to buy. There are apps like MyVoucherCodes available to everyone, but these will only have a partial selection of the offers you could be finding. Three customers get exclusive access to Wuntu, the network’s own app for finding sweet discounts in all areas of life. Even more usefully, Wuntu learns what you like, and then throws offers and rewards your way from major brands… and sometimes, if you’re lucky, freebies: how does free pizza sound? Delicious, that’s how.

Q: I’m buying a new iPhone but I tend to break them a lot. What can I do?

A: The new iPhone is a heck of an investment, that’s for sure. Before you even get it out of the box, pick up a proper case, ideally one with high-tech cushioning, but you can buy anything up to military-spec protection if your butterfi ngers are really that bad. Put it on straight away. No case is entirely klutz-proof, though. If you’re signed up to the Three Rescue protection plan, you can make a claim online and get a replacement phone the very next day if your handset is damaged – and also, if it’s lost or stolen, so no matter what happens, you don’t have to live long without your iPhone. And if you don’t get it in time, Three will chuck you £20.

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