Tesco Phone Shop offers £250 when you sign up for new mobile deal

Spend the voucher on anything you like

Killer offer runs until the end of December.

Priming yourself for a new mobile, but can't decide which network to hand over your hard-earned to? It looks like Tesco has just made that decision a hell of a lot easier, with the announcement that it's giving away a £250 voucher with certain blowers, which you can then spend on anything in store or online.

You get the full amount if you sign on the dotted line for a Sony Ericsson Cedar or Samsung S3100. The Samsung Europa and Samsung Wave Scotia (surely the most ludicrous name for a phone ever conceived) come with £200, the Nokia 6303i with £150 and the BlackBerry 8520 with £100.

Tesco says the offer is unconditional and will run until 31 December. That said, you have to put pen to paper by 10 December in order to get the dosh before Christmas. Otherwise you'll have to wait until the New Year to load up on knockdown food and endless January sales nonsense.

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