TAG Heuer launches new ‘perpetual power’ phone

Watchmaker ensures there won’t be a time limit on your battery

When you think TAG Heuer, you probably think of a twinkle-eyed Leonardo Di Caprio smiling out at you through your high-street jeweller's window, armed with a wallet-shattering timepiece. How about a phone?

TAG Heuer has launched the Meridiist Infinite, a luxury handset armed with solar panel charging tech.

The phone might look like a sparkly Nokia 3310, but TAG's only knocking out just short of 2000 Infinites, meaning the price tag is likely to be sky high when it's announced.

The phone is shipping with what TAG calls a “perpetual power reserve.”

This means the device will make use of a transparent solar power strapped to its back, allowing the phone to trickle-charge when exposed to natural light. Perfect for the happy-camper oligarchs out there.

TAG showed off the new device in a YouTube video, describing the device with jargon-tastic phrases like invisible photovoltaic cells” and “lens substrate”.

If you're looking to charge your phone in style on your next luxury ski-trip to Verbier, TAG's Infinite might be just the cellular to keep you chic on the slopes.

Check out the TAG's high-cost blower below:

By Sean Keach