T3 Agenda: Metaxas and Sins' dead good headphone amp, Snugs True Wireless earphones and more

T3's daily roundup of the best new announcements from the world of tech

In the final T3 Agenda of the week, we give our headphones a deathly boost with Metaxas and Sins' Marquis amp, we embrace a world of zero cables with Snugs True Wireless earphones and more... 

Metaxas and Sins' Marquis headphone amp will give your music a Gothic twist

Designed by Metaxas and Sins, the Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ (Latin: ‘remember that you must die’) might be the most out there headphone amp we've ever seen. 

Featuring a sculpted cranium, CNC-machined from solid aluminium billet, the Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ is a minimalist headphone amplifier that's definitely going to make a statement. Two contrasting skull-mounted red dials offer volume control and input selection, with the main headphone output connection socket beneath. 

The cranium’s recessed eye sockets contain VU meters, with each needle reacting to the incoming signal level. The unit’s power supply is hidden in its CNC-machined base and an optional battery pack offers real portability and around five hours’ playback.

So if you're in the market for an ultra gothy-looking headphone am, you can order a Metaxas & Sins’ Marquis ‘Memento Mori’ from audiosanctuary.co.uk today for a cool £6,000.

Embrace a world of cable-free audio with the Snugs True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

If you're in the market for a high-end set of in-ear headphones that offer the best custom fit money can buy, we might have just the thing. These are the Snugs True Wireless earphones, which combine Jabees earbuds with Snugs tips to give a perfect custom fit.

Measuring only 14.4mm x 16.3mm and weighing just 4.5g, Snugs True Wireless earphones are super tough and sweat proof for everyday use. The ear buds can be used separately or together and include a microphone for making calls on the go. Also expect up to three hours stereo playtime or two hours talk time.

Snugs custom-fit tips are made by taking a digital scan or impression of your ears and then 3D printed to fit you perfectly. Molded exactly to your ears, Snugs also act as hearing protection from loud external sounds, offering high levels of passive noise cancellation.

Available from Snugsearphones.co.uk, the Snugs True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones can be yours for only £339 (which includes your Snugs tips fitting appointment). 

Manage your stress levels and chill with the new Sensate wearable

Stress management tech studio BioSelf Technology has just unveiled its latest project, Sensate – a wearable device and app that tracks and reduces stress in real-time.

Sensate is the first device to track biometric stress markers and reduce stress levels, on the spot, giving you the ability to reach meditation-like states to promote enhanced relaxation.

The small, pebble-like device is placed comfortably against the chest and collects biometric data on stress markers, including heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature and mood. This data is fed back to the Sensate app on the wearer’s smartphone, which uses proprietary algorithms to analyse the data and calculate the optimum therapeutic response for you.

It's a novel idea, at least on paper, so we're intrigued to see if it can provide a noticeable reduction in stress. BioSelf Technology will be launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube later in June.