SCOTT Addict eRIDE: it’s an e-bike that thinks it’s a performance road bike

Super light weight, super fast, super easy: use it to smash your fitness goals in the fresh air this spring

(Image credit: Scott)

There’s been a huge increase in interest in e-bikes in recent years, and some very good ones too. But this is something else. Where most electric ebikes are heavy and sluggish, SCOTT Addict eRIDE is light, sporty and a joy to ride. 

At a mere 10.75kg (23.7lbs), the Addict eRIDE is the lightest electrically-assisted bike you can buy. So while its compact Mahle power unit will blast you effortlessly from 0 to 25kph (20mph in the USA), the acceleration doesn’t stop there. That’s unlike most e-bikes, which start actively fighting back once you reach the mandated assisted speed. 

The SCOTT Addict eRIDE is performance driven and directly related to SCOTT’s pro race bike, but everything is incredibly user-friendly. Just get on and ride: Addict eRIDE makes commuting and exploring a real pleasure.

Cycling has great health benefits but it can be a chore, let’s face it. If you want those fitness benefits but don’t like to always wear Lycra, or a hairshirt, SCOTT’s Addict eRIDE is the perfect choice.

You can use the electrical assistance to get you up hills or let you recover your breath after sprinting. There are few things more enjoyable than breezing up a steep slope, past other cyclists wheezing and turning red.


(Image credit: Scott)

However, if you’re feeling more virtuous, you can also dial down the assistance, or turn it off entirely, and rely on pedal power. Because the Addict’s weight is so low, it then feels like pedalling a road bike, rather than a sluggish, 20-kilo behemoth.

As well as being the lightest electric bike on the market to date, its also the first ever with fully integrated cables: gears, brakes and electric. So it looks as slick as it feels to ride. Which again, is not something you can say about most e-bikes.

Another thing you won’t find on lesser electric rides is 22-speed Shimano gears with electrical shifters. That is seriously cool, and means you can put in as much or as little effort as you like, whether you’re on an incline or the flat.

If you’ve been thinking of getting more exercise this spring, getting off public transport, and seeing more of the world, SCOTT Addict eRIDE is the ride of your dreams. It’s an electric bike that rides like a road bike (but without all the effort).

• See the Addict eRIDE here!

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