Orbitsound colours range for T12v3 soundbar and iPhone/iPod dock

New colour range for 'spatial sound' premium soundbar

With winter on the horizon Orbitsound wants to brighten up the house in preparation, cue their new range of coloured fronts for the T12v3

Orbitsound have unveiled their Colours range of fronts for the Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar, their premium home audio solution and iPod/iPhone 4S dock.

The colours range offers up to seven different fronts which magnetically attach to the front of the T12v3 making sure it'll fit into any room with all tastes catered for.

The T12v3 is Orbitsounds flagship product and offers what they believe to be the truest form of sound you can get, by using 'spatial sound' technology it breaks from the traditional 2-speaker set-up instead using a technique that means anyone will get stereo sound wherever they are in the room.

We spoke to Ted Fletcher, President of Orbitsound and the inventor behind the T12v3, who was able to explain how this magic-like audio technology works.

"What you've got is the main musical information coming from effectively a single speaker at the front and then the information which tells your brain where things are is coming from two loudspeakers at the sides, and that's how this thing works."

"It doesn't rely on reflection off walls, it produces a 'true sound field' and it's true to say that it fools your brain."

The colours range is out now priced at £29.99 each while the Orbitsound T12v3 soundbar is priced at £299. With such a simple solution to having a home cinema system would you get a soundbar or do you prefer surround sound speakers? Let us know via the comments box below...