Official Apple Watch Series 4 images leak before today's launch

It's our best view of the Apple Watch yet

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is about to receive it's grand unvieling later today, but that doesn't mean there's time for one last leak, this time from Apple themselves. 

The picture above isn't just another render based on leaks and rumours, it's an image pulled directly from Apple's own website!

The images were found by 9to5Mac's Apple leaker Guilherme Rambo.

Here's how how he found the Apple Watch images, in his own words:

The leak gives us the best glimpse of the Apple Watch yet. 

We can see the rumoured (now confirmed) larger, edge-to-edge display, as well as what looks like a solid state power button.

There's also a subtly redesigned digital crown, with a sleek red ring denoting it's celluar capabilities, rather than a completely red crown found on the Series 3. 

We can also spy a new watchface, with new complications. 

The most interesting complication is the UV metre in the bottom left, backing up rumours Apple will be including a UV metre in the Apple Watch. 

And finally, there's a stunning new Rose Gold colourway, which is much more shiney than the current aluminum rose gold model. 

It looks like a stunning update, and we can't wait to see how it will fair against Samsung's recently released Galaxy Watch.