Nissan Hyper Tourer EV is a minivan that looks out of this world

The last Nissan concept of 2023 arrives to make people carriers cool again

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept
(Image credit: Nissan)

The rise in popularity of the SUV in Europe means we don't often get treated to the often luxurious interiors of the minivan – the type of people carrier that proliferate the roads of Japan and much of Asia.

But recently, it feels as if there might be movement to bring the genre over to these shores (and perhaps further afield), with Lexus deciding we are ready to welcome its LM (Luxury Mover) model, even if it costs £90,000.

Nissan’s third and final concept in the run-up to the Japan Mobility Show is perhaps another nod to the impending rise of the luxe minivan. Its Hyper Tourer concept is designed to "reinforce the bond between people as they journey together" via a very swanky interior and some neat tech touches.

As with the Hyper Urban and Hyper Adventure concept, this third offering is also an electric vehicle, which will feature V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) functionality and "high-capacity" battery packs that allow electricity to be supplied to pretty much anything you can think of.

Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept

(Image credit: Nissan)

The exterior is decidedly less angular than the previous two concepts, featuring smooth body panels and a squared-off, boxy rear that culminates in a neat roof spoiler for added aerodynamic performance. It’s a menacing proposition, and one of the coolest vans we've seen in a while.

But, step inside and occupants are treated to futuristic, cosseting seating, as well as an overhead console and lighting that feature traditional Japanese kumiko and koushi geometric patterns that "create a sense of luxury".

The floor is made from a giant LED panel that displays imagery of a riverbed and the sky, helping create a relaxing space where "digital and nature are fused".

It might be a bit old hat now, but Nissan says its Hyper Tourer is capable of high levels of autonomous driving, so the front seats swivel to allow occupants to chat or do business while the Tourer does the driving.

Rear-seat passengers can use a wearable display to view and operate the navigation and audio on the main centre display that's mounted to the dash, without having to leave their seat.

In addition to this, Nissan also says the Hyper Tourer features technology that can monitor biometric signs of its occupants - including brain waves, heart rate, breathing and perspiration. Then, with the help of AI, can automatically select complementary music and adjust the lighting to fit the mood.

Like the previous two concepts, some of the thinking is a little out there, but you can't fault that exterior styling. If this and the Lexus LM is the future of opulent airport runs, we will happily hand over the cash for a taxi.

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