New Tony Hawk game coming next year

The pro skater revealed the news on Twitter

Tony Hawk took to Twitter yesterday to let the world know that he's working with Activision on two new games for next year.

Many of us born in the 90s will have fond memories playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, taking turns with friends to nail tricks and complete tasks.

Well, good news folks. Tony Hawk has announced that he's working on a new console game and mobile game due out next year.

"I'm currently working with Activision on a console game for 2015 (along with a new mobile game)," Hawk posted on his Twitter account. "I think fans of THPS series will be hyped."

Hawk revealed the news after explaining to fans that his in-the-works mobile game, Tony Hawk's Shred Session, has been put on hold indefinitely."

Although it's all swings and roundabouts really, and no doubt die-hard fans will be pleased Tony Hawk is coming back to games consoles.

A representative for Activision later confirmed the information in Hawk's tweets to Polygon.