Motorola confirms it'll keep making high-end phones

More Moto X equivalents on the way

Its wallet-friendly Moto G was a huge hit, but Motorola will still keep a finger in the high-end pie.

Motorola's bargain bin Moto G has been a runaway success, but that doesn't mean the company is turning its back on the upper end of the market. Rather, it'll continue to make high-end phones, a company spokesperson has confirmed.

The Moto G wouldn't have been as big a hit if it wasn't for the more expensive Moto X raising awareness of the company, Motorola's chief software engineer Steve Horowitz has admitted.

"I can tell you obviously without talking about our future products that there is always an element of appeal to a consumer as a lower tier to have something aspirational at a higher tier," Horowitz told TechRadar.

"So we found that if we had just shipped Moto G on its own it probably wouldn't have been as successful.

"You need an aspirational thing so that people to get into the franchise and get some of the benefits of the Moto X by buying a Moto G.

"So we'll always want to push the limits on the high-end innovation because it's important for consumers to have something to aspire to at the upper tiers."

The Moto X stood out from the rest of the Android pack thanks to its voice control and notifications features. But some reviewers noted it didn't offer enough to warrant the price hike over the Moto G.

Google recently sold Motorola to Lenovo, so we'll have to wait and see what its future handsets can offer, both at the high and low end of the market.