Light-up Nike PG-2 kicks are a PlayStation fan’s dream

Console and basketball themed trainers light up the night

Nike PlayStation light-up trainers

Nike has unveiled a new pair of trainers that are set to make PlayStation fans' eyes – or, more accurately, their tongues – light up.

The Nike PG-2 kicks are a collaboration between Nike, Sony and NBA basketball player Paul George. The result is a pair of trainers that feature the PlayStation logo on the tongue, which actually lights up. But that’s not all.

For a start, the batteries that power the lights are self-contained so don’t need charging and last more than 150 hours. These can be turned on and off using a button inside the trainer. Just to keep on theme when the button is pressed it will give off a vibration to mimic a PlayStation controller.

You might recognise the insole, in the video below, as that was created by Sony to mimic the dynamic wallpapers of the PlayStation home. 

The lace locks have a nice touch in the form of the four colours from the DualShock controller buttons. The side of the midsole is also pretty recognisable as the PlayStation Galaxy theme. 

Then if you look really close at the leather part of the shoe you can see tiny PlayStation symbols detailed in there. Even the rear features a PSN voucher code style finish.

The trainers also come with a zoom airbag for bounce, on that basketball theme, and an outsole with grip for durability and traction. Check out the video below to see the PG-2 kicks in detail up close.

As for pricing and release date, these look like they’ll be US only when they become available from 10 February priced at $110 which is about £80.