Kinect 2 for PC set for release

Kinect 2 for the PC will be released on July 15th, according to Microsoft Store

Kinect 2, the Xbox One's motion and voice activated sensor, will be made available for PCs on July 15th, according to a listing on the Microsoft Store

The new generation Kinect 2 sensor will be available for PC owners from July 15th. The sensor is listed on the Microsoft Store for pre-order for £157.

According to the listing, Kinect 2 will not ship with any software, but it will require the Kinect for Windows development kit for use and it will only operate with applications developed for Kinect for Windows v2. The device isn't just exclusively for gameplay, but has also been designed "for developers who want to create applications that utilise movement, gestures and voice commands".

The original Kinect 2 sensor originbally came bundled with the Xbox One, released last year, and was originally a mandatory peripheral for the console. However, Microsoft confirmed last month that it would release an Xbox One with the Kinect 2 sensor from June 9th. Microsoft said that Kinect sensors for Xbox One would be released at a later date, but has yet to announce a price for it.