Half of water damaged phones dropped down the toilet

Toilet mishap most quoted reason for water caused phone exterminations

A new study has found almost half the handsets damaged beyond repair by water in the UK have been dropped down the loo

Almost half of the mobile phones broken or badly damaged by water in the UK have fallen victim to having been dropped down the toilet, a new study has found.

The figures, compiled by mobile phone comparison website GoodMobilePhones.co.uk, found that of the 1,937 mobile phone owners quizzed, a third said that at least one of their previous handsets had met a watery end.

Of this third 47 per cent gave the toilet as the location for their water-based mishap with handsets taking the plunge down the U-bend more frequently than the 21 per cent that were sent to a liquid grave in a drink. Whilst 12 per cent said their handset had come a cropper in a bath or shower the washing-up bowl and washing machine accounted for 7 per cent and 3 per cent of incidents respectively.

“As somebody who has nearly dropped his phone into all manner of liquids, these results really make me thankful that this is something I haven't done as yet,” said Mark Owen, Founder of GoodMobilePhones.co.uk. “I can't imagine how galling it must be to retrieve a mobile phone from a toilet bowl, so my sympathies go out to anyone who has.”

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