Google shows off Project Ara modular phone concept

New video introduces the Project Ara team

Google's taken a leaf out of the LEGO handbook and wants to let you piece together your dream handset.

Google has released a new video offering a sneak peek of their Ara smartphone project.

The Californian tech firm is looking to cause a stir with its concept; offering up a basic smartphone endoskeleton that you tweak and upgrade yourself.

A video from Google gives us a quick meet-and-greet with the Ara team, and sheds more light on the device, explaininghow the modular upgrades will be held in place with electromagnets.

Rumours suggest the barebones kit will retail at around £30, and will let users slot in whatever pieces they like, for example a camera module, a fingerprint scanner or, more importantly, a screen.

The project is pegged to be open hardware, meaning anyone with the know-how will be able to manufacture modules for your bespoke blower - gadgeteering plurality at its finest.

What's exciting is that if a new camera design hits the market, you won't have to worry about trying to pawn off your whole handset in search of the latest model – just tack on a new snapper at your leisure.

The search-engine turned gadget-overlord will be revealing extra details about the device at a Project Ara developer conference on April 15 and 16 later this year.

If this awesome modular tech has got your motherboards running hot, we recommend checking out the Project Christine concept - Razer's modular offering to PC gaming.

Take a look at Google's new Ara vid below:

By Sean Keach