Best sex toys for high-tech orgasms on sale this Black Friday

Spice up the holiday season

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 The holidays are all about feeling good, and there’s nothing in the world that feels better than orgasms, right? That’s why this Black Friday, We-Vibe and Womanizer have provided some big discounts on their most effective sex toys (with some cool tech features.) Whether you’re looking to spice up the bedroom with your partner or just after a satisfying solo experience, We-Vibe and Womanizer have something effective and affordable for you. Here’s what we recommend — and keep in mind that if none of these suit your tastes, you can save up to 40% on any of We-Vibe or Womanizer’s best-selling on-sale products until December 4. All you need to do is head to the Black Friday page on either the We-Vibe or Womanizer website, pick out a toy, and use the code “BF20” when you checkout to apply the discount. 

 Best couples toys on sale 


Who says sex toys are only for the solo crowd? Though many people don’t often think about it, a toy can help bring new life to a couple's intimacy as well. This Black Friday, two of We-Vibe’s finest toys designed for partner play are available for fantastic prices. The first of these is the We-Vibe Sync, which is a couples vibrator that stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris simultaneously while still leaving full room for vaginal sex. It comes with 10 different vibration modes — Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Pulse, Wave, Echo, Tide, Crest, and Surf — and it’s also fully controllable using either the included remote or the We-Connect app on your smartphone. Additionally, the vibrator is fully waterproof so you can use it no matter where you are, and it’s also made completely out of body-safe silicone. Additionally, it’s fully adjustable, so the vibrator can easily be adjusted to comfortably fit the unique shape of you and your partner’s body. Finally, the battery is fully rechargeable and lasts for up to two hours on a full charge, giving you and your lover plenty of time to enjoy. 

The vibrator is normally available for $199, but for Black Friday it’s on sale for just $119 after coupon code use, which is a huge steal.


The We-Vibe Sync is We-Vibe's top couples vibrator, offering a huge variety of vibration modes and an awesome battery life.

 If you’d prefer a less advanced option that’s more affordable, We-Vibe’s other discounted option, the We-Vibe W50, is a superb alternative. It uses the same smooth silicone as the Sync, and it also has the same awesome waterproof design and battery. Also, it has a few less vibration options, but the vibration itself is just as powerful and effective. It doesn’t have the remote control options and isn’t as adjustable, but at the affordable discount price of $39, it’s one of the most cost-effective sex toys out there for couples. We can’t recommend it enough! 


The We-Vibe W50 is We-Vibe's more affordable couples vibrator, offering less options and control flexibility. Even so, it's still awesome.

 Must have toys for solo use  on sale 

 If you’re looking for something special to gift to yourself this holiday, both We-Vibe and Womanizer have some excellent solo toys available on sale. First up is We-Vibe’s Nova Rabbit Vibrator, which is specifically shaped to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris at once. Like We-Vibe’s couple vibrators, it’s made completely out of body-safe silicone for maximum comfort. Also, it’s fully waterproof and comes with 10 different vibration modes, including Pulse, Wave, Echo, Tide, Crest, Surf, Vibrate, Bounce, Peak, and Cha-Cha. The Nova is also incredibly quiet, which is ideal for people who want to avoid making a lot of noise while enjoying their vibrator. Finally, it can last for up to two hours on a full charge, which provides you with plenty of usage time. Right now it’s on sale for $99, which is a great deal. 


If you're after a quiet rabbit vibrator with tons of different vibration settings, look no further than the awesome We-Vibe Nova Rabbit.

 Womanizer’s offerings this Black Friday will pique your interest if you’re interested in trying something new. Its toys make use of a special technology called Pleasure Air, which creates gentle air vibrations that indirectly massage the clitoris for a unique type of orgasmic feeling. One such toy is the Womanizer Pro W500, which is specifically designed as a clitoral pleasure device that has 12 different intensity levels. It also lasts for four hours on one full charge and can charge in half that time. Additionally, it’s fully waterproof, and it also comes with its own light so that you can use it in the dark without having to turn on the lights in your room. Lastly, it comes with a decorative Swarovski crystal that looks gorgeous. It’s usually $189, but for Black Friday you can get it for the massively discounted price of $99. 


The Womanizer Pro W500 is Womanizer's top clitoral pleasure device, offering tons of intensity levels and a killer four hour battery life on top of a snazzy decorative crystal and even its own light.

 If you’re excited to try Womanizer’s Pleasure Air but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, the Womanizer Pro40 is just right for you. It’s essentially the Womanizer Pro W500 without the decorative crystal and with half of the intensity levels, but it still feels amazing to use and is also much more affordable at $69. 


The Womanizer Pro40 is a less advanced, less expensive variant of the Pro W500 that offers the same great pleasure but with less options and luxuries.

 Finally, there’s the Womanizer InsideOut, which combines the unique clitoral stimulation of Pleasure Air with traditional vibration for the G-spot. It comes with 12 intensity levels, a battery life of two hours, and an ergonomic shape that makes using it incredibly comfortable. As with every other toy on our list of favorites, it’s also fully waterproof. It’s normally priced at $199, but thanks to Black Friday, you can get your hands on it for just $99. 


The Womanizer InsideOut combines traditional G-Spot vibration with Pleasure Air clitoral stimulation to create a combo that will blow your mind.

With We-Vibe and Womanizer, there’s something for everyone 

A Womanizer vibrator.

(Image credit: Womanizer)

Whether you’re looking for a toy to use with your lover or one that you can enjoy all on your own, We-Vibe and Womanizer both have amazing options available this holiday season. And thanks to Black Friday, you can get your hands on them easier than ever before.

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