Asus unveils its ZenWatch at IFA 2014

The Taiwenese tech firm throws down its own wrist-borne gadge

The latest smartwatch out of IFA is Asus' spiffing new ZenWatch, touting plenty of juicy features...

Asus has entered the smartwatch fray with its brand new Asus ZenWatch, a fitness tracking, screen toting super-stylish wearable.

The much-teased timepiece has finally landed at this year's IFA tradeshow, and with it comes a raft of solid specs and a dazzling exterior.

The watch makes use of a sizeable 2.5-in curved screen, with over 100 different display options available. It also ships with a strap made from Italian leather that sports a quick-release clasp.

Asus' techie timepiece also runs on Android Wear OS, which means the device has access to all the wearable goodies Google's Play Store has to offer (Google Maps, etc.).

There's plenty of features built into the ZenWatch. First up is the 'what's next' notifications system that alerts wearers to approaching calendar appointments.

Next is the 'tap-tap' find my phone feature. Asus says two taps on the ZenWatch will make your smartphone ring, putting a stop to mislaid blowers.

There's also Remote Camera, which lets you strategically place your smartphone somewhere and then take snaps remotely via the watch's viewfinder - a must for budding 007s.

It also doubles as a clicker for slide presentations, so you can wow boardroom meeting attendees with your wrist-borne wizardry.

The ZenWatch also runs a proximity sensor that lets you mute incoming calls by placing your hand over the watch face. A tech'd up version of 'talk to the hand', if you will.

There's also the usual fitness trackers, including a heart-rate sensor which pairs up with a relaxation monitor to let you know how chilled out you are in percentage form. Nifty.

Asus says its shiny new kit will retail at £199), which seems a surprisingly fair mark-up all things considered. Pre-crimbo release assured.