Acer Allegro Windows Phone incoming

New details emerge of bargain basement Windows Phone 7.5 handset

Acer looks set to give Nokia and HTC a run for their money with a new Microsoft-backed handset. And best of all, it looks like it'll be dirt cheap too.

Fancy a spanking new Windows Phone handset but put off by the price? Acer may well have the answer. News has leaked out about its new handset, dubbed the Allegro, which comes with the latest version of Microsoft's OS and will only cost €299 SIM-free.

Word is the phone will hit shelves before Christmas. Sadly specs are a bit thin on the ground, although there is the suggestion that the Allegro may well be the same name for the sleek Acer W4, spied at IFA back in September.

Windows Phone 7.5 looks set to dominate headlines in the coming weeks as Nokia reveals its first handset with the operating system. Acer's new effort, though, should be significantly cheaper and doubtless a decent punt.

Tell us what you think of the Acer Allegro in the comments section now. Is it really worth waiting for?

Via WMPowerUser