I've tried the Asus ProArt P16 – is this the MacBook Pro killer we've been waiting for?

The new range of creator-focused devices look set to offer some stern competition for Apple MacBooks

The Asus ProArt P16 laptop
(Image credit: Sam Cross)

When it comes to the best laptops on the market, there are really only a handful worth your time. The segment is awash with models from different manufacturers, each looking to offer their take on the form.

For many, though, the MacBook range represents the pinnacle of these devices. Whether you're shopping at the very top end, or looking at the more affordable and portable MacBook Air, the range just works effectively and with relatively impressive value.

Windows lovers have long hoped for a comparable solution - and they may well have one here. The new Asus ProArt P16 looks like a bonafide MacBook Pro killer, and I've had a hands on experience to see if it can deliver the goods.

The Asus ProArt P16 laptop

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

Let's kick off with a quick look at the specs. The P16 packs an AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 processor inside. That is capable of up to 50 trillion operations per second (TOPS) making it perfect for powering AI processes.

That's one of the big selling points here, too. This is a Copilot-enabled laptop, with a host of added Asus AI software on top. You'll get features like Musetree - an AI-powered idea generation platform - and Storycube which offers an intuitve way to store your various media.

Elsewhere, you'll find a 90kWh battery inside. That's a gargantuan cell, and should be more than enough to offer some serious longevity. You'll also find a dedicated GPU up to an Nvidia RTX 4070, for top of the line graphical performance.

Another big plus for the Asus is the I/O on offer. In the modern age of sleek minimalism, seeing anything more than a couple of USB-C ports on the side of a laptop feels somewhat grandiose. That's the vibe here, with two USB-C, two USB-A, an HDMI, an SD Card reader and an audio jack all included.

One of the most notable features of the ProArt series is the Asus Dial. That is integrated as a virtual control on this model, allowing users to configure all manner of quick actions on an intuitive, circular platform.

Those can be customised per app, too. That means your device will recognise the window you're on and automatically adjust the dial to offer useful functions.

The Asus ProArt P16 laptop

(Image credit: Sam Cross)

While it's certainly not as crucial as the hardware and software on offer, these models also look fantastic. The case is sleek and modern, with a smudge-resistant coating which helps to avoid fingerprints after use.

Of course, the real test will come when we get the chance to put this through a fuller review. Only then will we have a chance to test things with real world use cases and get a proper idea. One thing is for sure, though - if you're about to buy a MacBook Pro, but fancy a Windows machine more, it might be worth waiting for this device.

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