Don’t panic! A worn-out washing machine is a great reason to get an incredible upgrade

Get spring clean ready with a new Hotpoint washer from AO

Hotpoint washer 2023
(Image credit: Hotpoint)

If your trusty washing machine is on its last legs, don’t panic. It’s actually a blessing in disguise, because whether your washer is five years old or fifteen you’ll be amazed by how clever today’s washers have become – and what great value for money they are to buy and run. 

Replacing your ageing appliance with something better from AO and Hotpoint isn’t expensive, it can help cut your energy costs and ensure your clothes are fresh and clean this spring clean season.

How cleaning got clever

Take this fantastic Hotpoint washer. It comes with Hotpoint’s ActiveCare technology, which can remove even the most stubborn stains at just 20 degrees. It removes over 100 of the most common and stubborn stains from grass-stained sports kits to pizza sauce, pen ink and makeup: if it’s there and shouldn’t be, your Hotpoint can get rid of it without wasting energy or water.

The secret? It’s smart. The Hotpoint pre-mixes water and detergent to create the perfect mix for stubborn stain removal, and it times the wash perfectly to remove the stains while also reducing your energy bills – saving you money every day. Not only that, but it keeps your dark fabrics darker and your brights brighter for longer because it’s much kinder on your clothes.

It’s great for allergies too. Whether it’s dust, pollen or pet fur, Hotpoint’s anti-allergy programme uses extra rinses at the end of the cycle to eliminate irritants and make clothes and bedding feel completely comfortable on even the most sensitive skins.

Hotpoint ActiveCare Washing machine

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Delight in the details

ActiveCare is a really big deal, but Hotpoint has also focused on lots of little details too. The pause-and-add feature makes it easy to add a dropped sock or rogue pair of pants, and the Final Care feature will gently tumble your wash for up to six hours afterwards to reduce creasing and make ironing much easier. 

It can help you out when you’re in a hurry too. For those last-minute emergencies when there isn’t a clean uniform or sports kit handy, there’s a super-fast 30-minute Quick Wash that’ll get everything pristine before the kids have even finished breakfast. And we particularly love Hotpoint’s Steam Refresh feature, which can give your clothes a quick refresh to make them feel freshly laundered when you’re up against the clock.

Hotpoint large washing capacity

(Image credit: Hotpoint)

Big enough for even the most active homes

With a 10kg load capacity the Hotpoint means you can wash more at the same time. The large capacity drum means that your clothes move around more during each cycle, which helps remove even the toughest stains and reduces the number of washes you need to do. And because it’s got a clever, super quiet inverter motor with automatic load balancing, you don’t need to worry about noisy cycles either – even when you’re washing heavier items such as towels or duvets.

The perfect place to upgrade your appliance

When you’re replacing an ageing or broken appliance, there’s no better place to go than AO. That’s because AO constantly monitors the market to ensure that the price you pay at AO is the best price around, and in the unlikely event you find it cheaper AO’s Price Match Promise will match it. 

That’s not all. If you’d like them to, AO can disconnect and recycle your old appliance, unpack and connect your new one and remove all the packaging too. And if you have an AO five star membership, that’s completely free.

Buying from AO also means getting incredible customer service, next-day and 7-day delivery slots, and flexible delivery to suit you* – so you don’t need to stay in all day wondering when your delivery will arrive. Free returns take the risk out of ordering online, and there’s a very generous 30-day returns policy too. 

It’s no wonder AO has over 330,000 five-star reviews on TrustPilot, making it the UK's most trusted electrical retailer. 

Click here to find out more about upgrading your appliance with AO.

* Charges, availability and geographical exclusions apply

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