Bring it on: the best smartphone for gamers blows everything else away

Why mobile gaming will never be the same with Honor Play

Honor Play

Whether it’s an epic multi-player battle or an intense sports clash, winning is all about having the edge over your rivals – and the bigger the edge the bigger the win. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a gaming-focused smartphone that gives you that edge, massively outperforming not just its rivals but much more expensive handsets too? That’s what the Honor Play delivers. Mobile gaming will never be the same again.

The Honor Play boasts a clever technology that enables its processor to run faster, cooler and more smoothly. The results are amazing. Take Mobile Legends for example. If you wanted the best possible Mobile Legends framerate you could spend four figures on one of the big name flagships. Or you could spend a fraction of that on a smarter buy, the Honor Play. It was designed specifically for gamers and comes with a technology that leaves rival graphics tech in the dust.

That technology is called GPU Turbo. It’s a power-up for real life.

Crazy fast, with better battery life too

GPU Turbo is a combination of software and hardware acceleration that does amazing things. When XDA-Developers analysed the Honor Play’s performance in Mobile Legends, they discovered a consistent 32fps framerate with incredible reliability and without massively impacting battery performance. 


GPU Turbo offers the best of both worlds: better performance and better energy efficiency. You can expect performance gains of up to 60% while energy consumption drops by up to 30% on systems with identical processors. That means smartphones that seem to have similar specs on paper are simply destroyed. Rivals are left exhausted and overheating, while phones with GPU Turbo such as the Honor Play are sarcastically flossing in front of them.

It’s a kind of magic: how GPU Turbo works

Whether you’re watching HD video or blasting space aliens in space, the graphics processing unit (GPU) is what makes the magic happen. With GPU Turbo, the Honor Play manages to squeeze much more performance out of the GPU without sacrificing battery life. It does that by optimising software to get the System on a Chip (SoC) to run at lower temperatures and with less jitter. That means a much more intense gaming experience with faster framerates for longer.

It’s not just gaming. The GPU’s essential for artificially intelligent NPCs, augmented reality and virtual reality too. While gamers are the ones who’ll notice the biggest differences – gaming is one of the most demanding things you can do on a mobile device – GPU Turbo benefits everyone. That’s because it makes the overall Android experience sleeker and smoother no matter what kind of app you’re using.

Does anybody else offer anything like this? The short answer is no.

The long answer? That’s also no. GPU Turbo is exclusive to Honor phones.

Get your game on: where to get your Honor Play

If you love the sound of a brilliantly priced gaming phone that’ll leave your rivals in your dust, you can find out more about the Honor Play here. And if you’re lucky enough to already own a recent Honor smartphone, you can find out how GPU Turbo can make your existing phone better right here.

To find out more about Honor Play, please discover more here

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