T3's Advent Calendar Giveaway, day 23: free super-luxe hi-fi magazine

Download your free mini-mag with the most sumptuous, expensive, cutting-edge hi-fi gear money can buy

Welcome to day 23 of this year's T3 Advent Calendar, where we're giving you a free gift every day throughout December, courtesy of T3 magazine. 

Today, you can download a free mini-magazine about the world's most luxury audio tech – we're talking the seriously high-end stuff, money no object. If you want to see what kind of speakers half a million quid gets you, and what the most exquisitely engineered turntables every created look like, you'll find them there.

You can download the magazine right now using the link further down the page.

Not only that, but you can save a load of money on a magazine subscription while you’re at it – it’s the perfect Christmas present for you or a loved one!

T3 magazine is the perfect coffee-table complement to T3.com, helping you find the best products for every area of your lifestyle. From traditional buys like phones and TVs, to connected home security and drones, you'll find the very best of it all covered in detail, with beautiful photography.

Now on to today's Advent Calendar gift. Grab it at the link below:

And you can read a sample of the latest issue of T3 below: 

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