Black Friday 2022 in Australia: when and where to find the best deals

Black Friday 2022 isn't until November 25, but here's everything you need to prepare for the big sale

Black Friday deals and sales
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As an international shopping event that’s already being written into the diaries of those who are hungry for the best deals on tech, fashion and other products, Black Friday 2022 is a major sale. It's the perfect time to pick up a great bargain on practically anything and save a whopper too.

This year, Black Friday is on November 25 and Australian retailers will be offering some terrific discounts to tempt shoppers. The big sale becomes even more important this year with the increasing cost of living, so if you can save a pretty penny on something you need or want, you ought to wait for Black Friday 2022 to come round.

Admittedly November 25 seems like a way off yet, but it helps to get a head start in preparing for it. And that's where we come in – T3's Aussie will keep this page updated in the lead up to the deals bonanza with a list of trusted retailers who will be partaking in Black Friday sales.

Black Friday’s less famous, but equally notable counterpart, Cyber Monday, will take place on November 28. While it used to be a secondary wave of deals and discounts, there's not a lot of difference between the two days these days.

The sale isn't restricted to just the four-day weekend, though. Over the last few years we've seen retailers get ready for the occasion by lowering their prices early, and we predict this will happen again this year. In order to fill you in on everything you need to know about Black Friday 2022, we have put together this guide to inform you on our expectations, predictions and other things you should know. 

Black Friday 2022: when is it?

As mentioned earlier, Black Friday 2022 kicks off officially on November 25. That puts Cyber Monday on November 28. 

That said, Aussie are treated to a longer sale period than just four days. Retailers have been jumping the gun and starting early deals about a week ahead, but these can change, with the best offers showing up only on the four main days of the sale.

Black Friday 2022: what is it?

After becoming a part of US shopping culture in the late 1980s, the first Black Friday happened in Australia in 2013. This nationwide buying frenzy has been intensifying and expanding in our country with each new year. In 2019, online purchases spiked with a 42% increase over Black Friday’s four-day weekend. In 2020, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) revealed that retailers saw a 13.2% increase in overall turnover, despite the pandemic, with Aussies spending about AU$8 billion over the entire weekend.

This year, we’re expecting that sales records will be broken again, now that in-person shopping is now back in full swing, and online shopping is still the new norm. Retailers are now looking forward to massive turnovers, while shoppers eagerly anticipate which bargains they might be able to snag when the time comes - perhaps some of the deepest discounts of the year.

But how did it all start across the Pacific in the first place? Black Friday marks the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, kicking off the start of the Christmas shopping period. It has now evolved into a global shopping extravaganza where staggering discounts and huge deals are offered by thousands of retailers. 

While highly popular among those who prefer to shop from physical businesses, having historically led to literal stampedes through shop doors, Black Friday is a fixture in the world of online shopping too. Black Friday now competes with Boxing Day as Australia’s biggest annual shopping event. While varying reasons behind its name stretch back to 1869, its most positively meant to represent a company’s revenue moving out of the red and into the black of profit.

What time do Black Friday deals start?

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While we expect the first discounts to be rolled out around November 18, we should see discounts on the official day to be available from midnight (12am) AEDT on November 25, 2022. 

We’ve found that the best Black Friday deals generally land on the week of the sale itself, while the most popular products will likely only be discounted on November 25. In some cases, you might spot a discount being advertised at the start of November. If you spot a price that you like ahead of Black Friday, it’s worth going for it, particularly a tech item as stocks are still questionable. 

Discounts that are advertised earlier often receive far less competition, which means you can get your hands on them before the crowds swarm. We do recommend keeping your item in its box until the Black Friday deals have ended completely, in case a much better price arises later in the month. Your previous purchase can always be returned.

How does Black Friday work?

On Black Friday, you will find radical savings advertised in physical businesses, while online retailers will offer discounts or promotional codes to their patrons and members. Certain retailers such as eBay require you to be a member in order to secure product deals before Black Friday rolls around, while having your payment details ready will ensure you don’t miss out on hot items. 

As with any other shopping mission, it helps to be organised.

What will be the best Black Friday 2022 deals?

As proven over recent years, the two product categories to receive the most sales on Black Friday were tech and fashion. That being said, Black Friday discounts can apply to nearly any product you can imagine – from furniture to fashion, tech to travel.

Black Friday 2022 will be a great time to pick up a superb mattress that's just right for you for a lot less than usual. Need to update your home office setup? You'll be able to get standing desk, office chairs, laptops, monitors and other peripherals relatively cheaply. You can update your wardrobe too, picking up workout clothes and shoes or formal wear too. 

From simple ereaders to fancy tablets, smartwatches and smartphones, headphones and so much more... there's really going to be a lot to keep savvy shoppers happy.

And consider the sale is late in November, it's going to be a great time to finish off your Christmas shopping too.

What were the best Black Friday deals from 2021?

Last year’s global Black Friday discounts were averaged at about 24% off. In Australia, we saw discounts to be averaged between 25% to 30% on tech alone. For example, laptops can receive discounts of up to 40% off, while the prices of personal audio gear such as headphones and speakers can be slashed down by 27%. Other items can drop well below the half-price mark, such as Garmin’s multi-sport watches, which were sold with a 52% discount on Amazon last year. 

Every different category will receive differing discounts from varying retailers, but they’ll all be jostling for your attention so many amazing offers will be available.

Here’s a brief selection of the top offers from last year’s Black Friday sale, to give you an indication of what to expect this time.

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Series 9 Pro Electric Shaver with SmartCare Centre | AU$749 AU$449 at Shaver Shop (AU$300 off)

This was a massive saving on an excellent shaver that typically costs a lot. Getting a light, ergonomically sound, waterproof and easy to clean grooming kit for under AU$450 is an excellent bargain. Look out for similar offers this year too.

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Bose Frames (Tenor, Tempo) | AU$399 AU$249 on Amazon (AU$150 off)

Don't mistake these sunnies with built-in speakers as a novelty – they're actually pretty darn good. You can hear everything around you while also listening to your tunes or podcasts outdoors. You also get to protect your eyes from the harsh Aussie sunshine and you can get prescription lenses fitted too. Not bad for something under AU$250.

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Nike Metcon 6 | AU$189.99 AU$119.99 at Rebel Sport (AU$70 off)

While more of a training shoe than an explicit runner, these tough beasts allow for a huge deal of use, as well as intriguing levels of customisation. Featuring a removable hyperlift you can adjust the height under heel for a more stability with weight lifting, or provide more of a cushion on your runs. And with AU$70 off, this was a good buy. 

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Coravin Timeless Six+ | AU$649.95 AU$389.97 on Coravin (AU$259.98 off)

Coravin is a game changer for wine longevity, although a lot of its products are pretty darn premium. But if you're a wine drinker, particularly a slow one, you'd want of of these to keep an open bottle fresh. So keep an eye out on the Coravin Australia site for great bargains like this again this year.

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Philips Series 2000 Air Purifier | AU$549 AU$324.95 on Amazon (AU$224.05 off)

The Philips 2000 Air Purifier is the full package in air cleansing. For your dollars you get multiple performance settings to allow for quiet use, VitaShield high performance purification that removes contaminants as tiny as 0.02 microns. Along with this, the machine gives real time feedback to tell you what your eyes won't about the air around you. This huge saving allows you to keep your mind as clear as your lungs. Here's hoping we see the same again.

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Epson EpiqVision EH-LS300 laser projector | AU$3,999 AU$2,999 on Amazon (AU$1,000 off)

T3's sister site What Hi-Fi? was impressed with the Epson LS300 (opens in new tab), praising its bright and large image in a conveniently compact package as well as its included audio. A projector like this, though, is a hefty investment at full price, so a price drop of a grand was most welcome.

Where to find the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals will be available from most online retailers. Of course, some deals will be far better than others, which are the ones we want to tell you about. If you’re looking for deals on tech, Amazon, eBay, JB Hi-Fi, Myer, The Good Guys and Bing Lee are all current leaders here. 

Due to its record-low prices and wide variety, Amazon is a favourite Black Friday source for tech, as well as for fashion, appliances, and toys. Among the list of other retailers to offer quality Black Friday discounts are eBay Australia, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sport, The Gamesmen, Target and The Iconic, to name but a few. 

It may be overwhelming to think about where you should look for the best Black Friday deals this year, but we’re dedicated to providing you with a generous list of retailers who will be hosting their own Black Friday sale. We'll update this page closer to the big sale with an exhaustive list of Aussie retailers so you can head directly to the sites and shop at your leisure, picking exactly what you want instead of us choosing for you.

How to find the best Black Friday 2022 deals

Online shopping

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Getting the best deals on Black Friday 2022 depends on the amount of research you’ve done before the day. Write up a list of items you’d love to own, and determine what you want to get from the sale to hone your focus down. 

When you know what you’re looking for, take the next step by finding a brand or model that suits you, but look at what features and specs you need and budget accordingly. You can also check previous sales to see if your shopping list aligns with previous prices to keep things realistic. 

The next step is to consider which things you could do without if they’re sold out on Black Friday, and which things you’d really love to own and couldn’t stand to risk losing. When the heat is on, you’ll know what to look for. 

Also be aware to widen your gaze and check that there aren’t better prices on your wish list items elsewhere before you buy. Bundles and free gifts are bonus perks to look out for from retailers who are competing for your purchases on Black Friday. Be sure to check other retailers' offers before buying, but rest assured, you can rely on us for details on the biggest value savings.

Amazon Black Friday 2022: get a free Prime account

Amazon is one website that consistently offers great savings around Black Friday.

Experts are already predicting that Amazon could start offering serious discounts two weeks ahead of November 25.

Judging from last year’s Black Friday sales, Amazon’s discounts to look out for apply mainly to technology like laptops, headphones and earbuds, along with kitchen appliances and robotic vacuum cleaners.

There will be a dedicated Black Friday deals page on Amazon Australia where all the offers will be collated as the sale progresses. If you think you're going to be shopping quite a lot on Amazon during the big November sale, it would help to be a Prime member. This will save you plenty of dosh on shipping, plus some members in Sydney and Melbourne will also be eligible for one-day free shipping. Prime members also get to shop discounts about 30 minutes ahead of everyone else, and there are plenty of offers that are exclusive to subscribers.

You can sign up for a Prime membership (opens in new tab) closer to the date as Amazon sweetens the deal by offering a 30-day free trial and cancel any time. This will let you take advantage of Amazon's Black Friday sale and save you money on the Prime subscription.

This year’s Prime Day from July 12-13 was Amazon’s biggest ever event so far, in terms of deals and engagement. Black Friday is shaping up to be just as big. is one of the UK's leading consumer lifestyle websites and T3 magazine is its print counterpart.  You can follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We present products in helpful buying guides and carefully curated deals posts across style, living, auto, smart home, watches, travel, fitness and more.  Over 10 million people visit every month and 38,000 people buy a copy of T3 magazine every month.