Xbox Kinect first-person shooters planned

Kinect will see FPS titles in the future, says Microsoft

More motion-capture madness planned for Xbox Kinect in the shape of FPS titles

Blasting a bullet into the hats of its doubters, Microsoft has said that first-person shooters will be available for Xbox Kinect in future.

Albert Penello, senior director of global marketing for Xbox 360, has hinted at FPS possibilities, but maybe not right away.

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“The hardest part is really trying to make people understand the same group of people who built the stuff that they love now are working on this stuff, and it's not about alienating, and it's not about abandoning; it's about expanding,” Penello explained.

“The first thing that comes to mind is the casual types of games, but I'd like to see what a first person shooter would be on Kinect someday,” the senior exec continued.

“We wanted to come out and make a statement that said, 'We want to try and do something different than the Wii, different than wands and hands, something that's magical, that takes away the abstraction’, and I want a bunch of new types of games created.”

It all sounds pretty promising to us, with the early signs suggesting that we’ll be seeing first-person shooters quite unlike anything before. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: CVG