Tech Today: iPhone 4S details, MacBook Air price cut

Plus: Android emulator woes, Twitter photo-sharing

The biggest tech news from Bank Holiday Monday.

Sony gets back to selling PlayStation goods
After a long struggle to enable PS3 users to actually use the PlayStation Network once again, Sony is back to flogging accessories for it. The new PlayStation wireless headphones certainly look the part, and if you can part with around £60 you'll get 7.1 sound and on screen displays. They'll be out in September
Link: Gizmodo

iPhone 4S in September? iPhone 5 in 2012?
The latest in the never-ending new Apple iPhone release saga rumbles on with yet more reports claiming that Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 4S with a 8-megapixel camera and an A5 chip, while the new and improved iPhone 5 might not be making its way into the wild until Spring 2012.
Link: 9to5Mac


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ASUS PadFone is official
The ASUS PadFone was officially announced today at Computex in Tapei on an otherwise quiet Bank Holiday Monday. The concept is simple, but effective. Simply slide the Android smartphone into an empty docking shell and you have an Android tablet, just like the Motorola Atrix laptop dock. The ASUS PadFone will be out around Christmas.
Link: FT

MacBook Air price drop
There have been rumblings that Apple is planning a MacBook Air refresh next month, complete with the new Thunderbird I/O tech. Well now Apple has given the gossips a little more ammunition by dropping the price of refurbished MacBook Air's on its online store. Could we see a new Air at WWDC next week?
Link: 9to5Mac

Emulator clampdown on the Android Market
Google spent the Bank Holiday weekend removing one of the more popular console emulators from the Android Market. Retro gaming fans have been using emulators created by developer 'Yongzh' to play old school games from Sega, Nintendo and Atari. The developer has revealed that all of his apps have now been taken down.
Link: CNET

Twitter to launch own photo-sharing service?
Has Twitter had enough of clients like yfrog and Twitpic hogging all the photo sharing glory? TechCrunch cites numerous sources claiming that Twitter is about to launch its own photo-sharing service. After picking up Tweetdeck for a cool $40m last week, it seems that Twitter is about to expand its app empire.
Link: TechCrunch