Sony SMP-N100 network media player to rival Apple TV

Sony takes on Apple TV with full 1080p playback and WiFi

Sony takes on Apple and Slingbox with its own venture into the world of Network Media Players.

Sony has unveiled the SMP-N100, its answer to Apple TV in and what it hopes is the complete network media solution for not only its own Bravia TV's but also any HD TV you so wish.

Costing £120 the SMP-N100 is £20 dearer than the Apple alternative but what you get in return is full 1080p output rather than the 720p offered by Apple. You'll also get a USB port and WiFi allowing you to integrate the SMP-N100 with almost any DLNA compatible device.

Possibly the clincher with the SMP-N100 will be its ability to access BBC iPlayer, 4OD, iTV Player, Demand Five and LoveFilm, quite a list eh? As if that wasn't enough Sony has confirmed you'll also be able to control your SMP-N100 via apps for iPhone or Android phones.

So all in all, yes it is more expensive, but with the arguably more impressive features it's sure to turn a few heads, possibly even away from the Apple store.

What do you think, will you be buying a Network Media Player like SlingBox, Apple TV or the Sony SMP-N100? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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