One in 7 Britons replacing watches with new technology

A watch is substituted by other time-keeping devices

The clock is ticking away...

There used to be a time when watches and clocks were the only way to tell time (unless you could translate the position of the sun into a fairly accurate time of the day!). Batteries ran out? Not to worry, pop in a new one.

However, a survey has come to light which says that almost 15% of British people say they have no reason to wear a watch. With the watch being more of a fashion statement than a time-keeping piece, people usually turn to their mobile phones or other electronic devices to tell the time.

According to research carried out by Mintel, one in seven Brits claim they have no need to wear a watch. Mobile phones or laptops/PCs have replaced them.

It's also the younger Brits who've embraced technology more than watch makers might like: according to the research, those under 25 years of age are twice as likely (28%) to have replaced using a watch with other devices. In addition, 86% of Britishers own watches as compared to 91% who own mobile phones.

Tamara Sender, from Mintel, says: "Many consumers have grown up with technology and are just as likely to associate the notion of checking the time with a mobile handset as with a watch and as they grow older this mindset will accompany them.

She thinks mobile phones could be harmful to watch demand. "Mobile phone ownership is booming and increased usage by all ages could pose a threat to demand for standard watches in the long-term. However, with the popularity of alternative time-pieces, watch manufacturers are focusing on other aspects such as design and the latest technology to keep consumers interested."

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Link: Mintel