Nintendo 3DS health issues rebuked by doctor

3D games console given the all clear by doctor

Tabloid claims put to rest in 3DS health case

A Cambridge University doctor has lashed out at sensationalist claims in tabloid newspapers suggesting the recently released Nintendo 3DS is damaging to user’s health.

Following the recent spate of articles surrounding the 3DS and gamers suffering from eye strain, nausea and dizziness brought on by playing the glasses-free 3D console, Dr. Neil A Dodgson has claimed such reports are being blown widely out of proportion.

Speaking with gaming website CVG, Dr Dodgson, a graphics and imaging specialist, hit back at tabloid reports that the Nintendo 3DS is "the most returned games console ever" with thousands of users reporting the heavily publicised health concerns stating: "All current commercial 3D technologies (3DS, 3DTV, 3D movies) require a disconnect between accommodation and vergence,"

Explaining the science behind the way we view the footage from Ninty’s latest device Dodgson said: "There are two sets of muscles in the eyes, one of which focuses the eyes on the thing you are looking at (accommodation), the other of which converges the eyes at the position you are looking (vergence). In the real world, the two sets of muscles work together. With the commercial 3D technologies, you need to focus on the screen but converge on the virtual objects - which means that the two sets of muscles are no longer working together.”

Speaking on the reported cases of eye strain and dizziness he added: "Unfortunately, there are some people who are very sensitive to the situation where those two muscle systems are not working together. The effect, for them, will be a feeling of sore eyes or a headache, which will cause no permanent damage but will mean that they cannot use the 3D device."

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Via: CVG | Via: TechRadar