LG unveils the world's first 3D augmented reality browser

World first hits LG Optimus 3D smartphone

Free 3D augmented reality browser app announced ahead of smartphone release

LG and Wikitude have unveiled the the World's first 3D augmented reality browser, designed for the upcoming LG Optimus 3D smartphone.

Put simply, augmented reality information is displayed over the image you see though your smartphone's camera, say, for example, you want to find a cafe in your local area, you'd simply hold up your phone in the direction you wanted to go and on your screen you'd see all the cafes in your area layered on top of the image your camera displays.

This technology, though very useful, has yet to take off in the way software designers had hoped. With a 3D browser however this could change, as places, landmarks and objects all become much easier to distinguish though the screen on your smartphone.

“AR technology has been praised for its potential to replace the ‘abstract’ realities of standard mobile browsers with ‘actual’ reality streamed through the camera of the smartphone,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO and President of LG Mobile Communications Company. “LG’s cutting-edge hardware and 3D API software technology now pushes this reality a step further.”

The Wikitude 3D augmented reality browser, available for free from LG's dedicated appstore, provides information on over 100 million locations around the world, with contributions from more than 1,000 content providers. Users will be able to discover details about their surroundings and access related Wikipedia articles and Twitter information.

The unveiling of the app coincides with the release of the much anticipated LG Optimus 3D, available this summer. The phone will feature a dual-core processor, as well as a 3D platform providing glasses-free viewing, recording and sharing of 3D content.

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