iPhone upgrade brings bluetooth niggles

Some users complain of connection and sharing issues

There hasn't been a shortage of criticism against Apple recently, and with users now seeing problems using bluetooth on the iOS 4.0.1, the storm certainly hasn't passed.

Apple users who have downloaded the latest version of the operating system for their Apple iPhone 3G/4 have discovered that their previously fully functional Bluetooth features are now suffering some problems.

Generally the complaints have centered around the connection of their iPhone's to headsets and in-car systems, finding that after upgrading to iOS 4.0.1, their phones will either drop connection with the other device continuously or not connect at all.

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A Apple fansite has reported it had recieved a significant number of people contacting them about these problems, suggesting that there are fixes; one of which included resetting the settings for the phone's bluetooth. This won't help the 'antennagate' situation one bit, even though the problem appears to stem from the software, meaning its been affecting both iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4's.

Have you started having problems using bluetooth since you installed OS 4.0.1? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

Via: AppleInsider