iPhone 5 to host 64GB storage following prototype leak?

64GB iPhone 4 leaks online suggesting larger iPhone 5

Image 1 of 2 Apple iPhone 4 64GB
Apple iPhone 4 64GB
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Apple iPhone 4 64GB

Upcoming iPhone to follow iPhone 4 prototype to 64GB storage capacity

A prototype iPhone 4 has emerged with a number of leaked images showing that Apple was working on a 64GB model ahead of the device’s launch last June.

Although only 16GB and 32GB versions of the fourth-generation Apple blower made it to stores, the leaked images reveal a 64GB capacity handset was in the works, hinting towards a possible larger storage addition to the upcoming range of iPhone 5 handsets.

Snapped touting 59.1GB of free storage space, the prototype device, which has appeared via a Hong Kong website, can be seen with an etched ‘XX’ replacing the device's rear branded storage credentials. Despite not making it into full production, the leaked device gives a tantalising insight into the future of Apple’s market leaking smartphone and what specs the iPhone 5 might launch with.

With tech blog GeekyGadgets declaring: “this gives us a good idea that the new iPhone 5 will come with 64GB of storage,” the potentially upped capacity of the iPhone 5 is believed to be joined by the same A5 dual-core processor that will feature in the recently unveiled iPad 2 and, if rumours are to be believed, a new metallic back casing with the handset’s antenna built in to the rear mounted Apple logo.

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