iPhone 5 release to see Apple launch second entry iPhone

Apple to launch iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S in September

Apple is set to enter the mid-range smartphone market launching an iPhone 4S PAYG device in September alongside the radically redesigned iPhone 5

Apple will launch two new iPhone handsets at its expected September unveiling with the radically redesigned iPhone 5 to be joined by a cheaper pay-as-you-go iPhone 4S or iPhone Nano device, Wall Street industry analysts have claimed.

In a note to investors today Chris Whitmore, an analyst with Deutsche Bank, suggested Apple was to release two new iPhone devices in September stating: "With Nokia and RIM struggling the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid-range smartphone market (i.e. $300-500 category) to dramatically expand its [total addressable market] and market share."

Reigniting hope of an iPhone Nano Whitmore’s claims hint at the iPhone 5, rumoured to sport a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities inside a redesigned body, being joined by a mid-range, cheaper device that like its iPod siblings will feature reduced functionality but the same stunning aesthetical standard of its premium counterpart.

Opening up the iPhone brand to a new level of consumer, the introduction of an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S would see the Cupertino tech giant actively target Google’s Android operating system that has become successful across a broad range of devices from entry-level handsets to premium smartphones.

With a lower priced iPhone handset targeting midrange PAYG customers, Apple could also see sales of applications from the iTunes App Store sore as millions of new users adopt the market dominating breed of handsets and look to fully utilise their potential.

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Via: InformationWeek