iPhone 5 Release: Screen problems lead to delays

Shipments may miss targets after issues in supply chain

Problems with production of the iPhone 5’s screen could see a delay in shipments according to insiders close to Far East production lines. But manufacturer says everything is under control

Touchscreen problems could see shipments of the next-generation Apple handset delayed potentially ruining the planned iPhone 5 release date.

The news comes, which comes from Digitimes, reports that iPhone screen manufacturer, Wintek, has discovered a defect in panels for the new iOS 5 powered device.

Word is that the issue has been found while staff assemble the as-yet-unannounced smartphone, making delays likely. However, Wintek has said it’s on top of the problem and that the phone will be delivered on time.

Fortunately for Apple fanatics, Wintek isn’t the sole manufacturer of screens for the iPhone 5, with other companies also supplying the touchscreens. That should mean supplies shouldn’t be too badly affected.

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