iPhone 5 features wish list revealed by consumer poll

Thinner handset tops iPhone 5 features wish list

A list of the iPhone 5 release day features most wanted by the public has been revealed

With the expected iPhone 5 release date inching ever nearer a new consumer poll has revealed the public’s expectations for the next-generation Apple handset with a thinner handset the most wanted feature.

The study, carried out by GoodMobilePhones.co.uk, questioned 1,786 consumers over the age of 18 what features they would most like to see land on iPhone 5 release day with a thinner handset topping the list of 48 per cent of those questioned.

A longer battery life and larger memory were the second and third most popular options with 45 per cent and 39 per cent of consumers respectively ahead of a lighter handset and faster internet capabilities.

Following last year’s antennagate scandal better signal capabilities lined up as the sixth most hoped for iPhone 5 feature with a higher camera resolution, better email facilities, a waterproof handset and compatibility with HD movies completing the top ten.

With iPhone 5 rumours heating up, latest reports have suggested a thinner handset is in the works with a 1GHz dual-core processor to bring added clout and an 8-megaxpiel camera to appease those hoping for a higher resolution camera.

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