iPhone 4S accounts for 89 per cent of all iPhone sales

Apple's latest pocket blower dominates the company's handset sale within three months

Apple's most recently released iPhone the Apple iPhone 4S has been a massive hit with end users accounting for 89 per cent of all iPhone sales

Just three months after going on sale new figures have revealed that a massive 89 per cent of all iPhones now sold are the latest Apple iPhone 4S offering.

Despite heavily reduced iPhone 4 prices and the now aging iPhone 3GS being made widely available free on contract Apple’s latest pocket blower has dominated iPhone sales since its official release back in mid October.

The latest figures, revealed by a CIRP survey, have shown that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS accounted for just 7 per cent and 4 per cent of fourth quarter iPhone sales respectively with the numbers coming just days after Apple announced it had shifted a staggering 37 million of its portable handsets during the three month period.

Whilst the popularity of the latest iPhone release is somewhat unsurprising the manner in which the iPhone 4S has risen to prominence has caught attention with 21 per cent of all iPhone 4S units shifted being the £699 64GB storage model.

“Clearly, the iPhone 4S sold very well,” CIRP co-founder Mike Levin said in response to the figures. “An amazing 19 percent of all iPhone buyers upgraded from the iPhone 4, a phone barely a year old at the time of the launch.”

Apple iPhone 4S Features

Although the iPhone 4S disappointed some by failing to move away from the form factor of its predecessor the Apple iPhone 4, thanks to the introduction of a new dual-core processor and improved, 8-megapixel camera optics the latest Apple device won favour with a number of end users.

The handset’s true party piece, however, came in the form of Apple’s new voice commanded personal assistant Siri which allows users to speak questions and commands and receive immediate feedback.

Have you made the jump to the Apple iPhone 4S? What drove you into plumping for what was considered an incremental upgrade? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: AllThingsD