iPhone 4S 68 per cent faster than iPhone 4

New benchmark results show A5 chip makes all the difference in new handset

Apple’s new iPhone 4S appears to be lightning quick compared to its predecessor, with new benchmark figures also showing its speed in relation to the iPad 2.

Still not sure whether the iPhone 4S is worth snagging? Then perhaps some new figures from the hardcore tech types at GeekBench might sway you. See, they’ve put the new blower through its paces and come up with some impressive results.

It seems the iPhone 4S is 68 per cent faster than the iPhone 4. That’s all thanks to the A5 chip, the same one found in the iPad 2. Its benchmark score was 622, compared to 370 for the iPhone 4.

However, the chip doesn’t appear to be working at its full capacity, as the iPad 2, which also has an A5 under the hood, scored 749 when it was first tested.

Is this enough to convince you to pre-order an iPhone 4S? Or have you got your eye on the forthcoming Galaxy Prime? Tell us now in the comments section.

Apple claim it's 68% faster but we thought we'd put it to the test. Watch our exclusive iPhone 4S VS iPhone 4 video to find out if it's really worth the upgrade.

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Via MacRumors

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