iPad runs Windows and Flash with DeviceVM app

Remote app brings your PC desktop to your Apple tablet

Don't worry, Apple fans, it's not really an iPad running Windows

Bored of half of the internet being on lockdown thanks to Apple's anti-Flash crusade? Well a new app, which allows you to remotely access your PC desktop from your iPad could solve the problem once and for all.

The Splashtop Remote app, from DeviceVM, will let iPad owners work on word documents, access files, stream music and video and, perhaps most importantly, watch Flash video content from across the web..

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iPad users will be able to guide the desktop cursor around using the touchscreen, while summoning the device's keyboard when you need to type.

The new app takes inspiration from the LogMeIn application for the Apple iPhone, which allows users to view and work on files from your PC while out of the office.

The app arrives just days before the IFA tech expo in Berlin, where a slew of Windows-based tablets are set to be announced to take on Apple's all-conquering tablet.

The Splashtop Remote app is available from the App Store now for £3.99.

Link: FT (via DeviceVM)