Apple iPad 3 or iPad HD pen to launch

New patents suggest Jobs wants iPad stylus after all

Apple has filed two new patents that suggest it's possibly working on a new electronic pen, which is rumoured to be launching in conjunction with the Apple iPad 3 or iPad HD in September

Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously dismissed tablets that don’t use solely touchscreen technology last year, saying: “If you see a stylus, they blew it”. But now it seems US-based Apple is coming around to the idea of bringing a dedicated pen to its iPhone and iPad devices, with the release of two new patents.

The first shows a heated electronic pen or 'stylus' - which could give better precision when used with iOS devices - that all pack capacitive touchscreens. Word is the heat will stop the end of the pen from wearing out, while the pen itself could possibly be docked in the iPhone or iPad to charge.

More interestingly, the second stylus wouldn’t work as a traditional virtual pen. Instead it will wirelessly communicate with the iPad or iPhone, allowing users to write information onto another source and have it instantly appear on their iOS device. The patents were filed back in January, prompting rumours it could be launched in conjunction with the Apple iPad 3 or iPad HD in September.

Will Apple really release a stylus? Or will Steve Jobs stick to his guns and claim that users are happy simply prodding screens with their fingers? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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