iPad 2s to be given out free to pupils of UK school

Exclusive: First European school to get Apple's tablet

First school in Europe to be equipped with latest Apple tablets

A comprehensive school in Essex is to give each of its students an iPad 2 by the end of the year, T3 can exclusively report.

Honywood Comprehensive School in Coggleshall, Essex sent out letters to 1,200 parents this week informing them their children will receive a new tablet by the end of the year.

Pupils were told in assembly on May 21, with one former pupil on Twitter announcing the school's plans via the social network.

In return, parents are being asked to donate £50 towards insurance.

Deputy head teacher Rache McGowan told T3, “the focus of our work here at Honywood is on improving learning and one aspect of this is to make use of the best technology we can access.”

T3 contacted Apple, who stated it wasn’t an official deal, but a school in Scotland equipped its pupils with the first generation iPads last year. A school in Maine in the US meanwhile became the first in the world to give out iPad 2s to its kids earlier this year.

Could tablets replace textbooks? We certainly hope so. Technology has crept its way into every facet of our lives, for the better. Education meanwhile has appeared reluctant to embrace the gains technology can bring.

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