iOS 6 in iPhone 5 jailbreak reportedly achieved

Hacker claims to have unearthed exploit on new iPhone

A hacker claims to have successfully installed Cydia on iOS 6 in the iPhone 5, just days after boasting about achieving the same feat with iOS 6 in the iPhone 4S

Grant Paul released a string of screen grabs via Twitter showcasing what appears to be Cydia installed on iOS 6, however, it’s difficult to determine their authenticity.

He claims the jailbreak took a mere 30 mins, and was easier to implement on the iPhone 5 than it was on its 4S predecessor.

Jailbreak allows users to download applications on to their iPhones without paying for them. It’s a process that Apple is attempting to put a stop to, but has so far failed to combat successfully, despite placing strict restrictions on devices that've been booted with the exploit.

The firm refuses to fix iPhones under warranty if they’ve been jailbroken, however, some insurers are hindering its efforts by offering to insure iPhones even if they have been installed with the exploit.

Via Product-reviews