Facebook Phone incoming at 'Mobile Event' this week?

Will we see a Facebook phone at Wednesday's event?

Facebook promises new Mobile features this Wednesday

Facebook has announced it is to unveil new mobile features this Wednesday, November 3rd, as rumours continue to flow around a mooted Facebook Phone from the social network king.

Invites to Wednesday's California event have been sent out to the press giving little away on the announcement's content: “Please join us for a mobile event at Facebook HQ.” The invite’s graphic, however, suggests that some sort of communication oriented aspect will be the main focus of the announcement, as it shows the Facebook Friends symbol with a cup and string phone to both ears.

Although there is much speculation most rumours point towards either the unveiling of the fabled Facebook mobile phone, a desktop feature for mobiles or a new type of instant messaging. Whatever it may be, we won’t know until Wednesday.

Other rumours surrounding the event are suggesting the social network's announcement will involve the company's recent acquisition of Drop.io, the file sharing service, similar to Dropbox.

What do you think might be the subject of this coming announcement from Facebook? Is it a new phone or something Drop.io related? Let us know your opinions via our Twitter and Facebook pages.