BBC iPlayer set for subscription-based US launch

iPad first to get global version of Auntie's ace VOD service

Punters will need to pay fees, but ads coming later.

The BBC has confirmed that next year’s global launch of its colossal iPlayer will be based on a subscription model. And what’s more, the first platform to get a taste of the international iPlayer will be the iPad.

Broadcast reports that the BBC’s Luke Bradley-Jones speaking at the Digital TV Summit, said, “I can announce here that we’re going to be adopting a pure paid subscription model for the global iPlayer for launch”.

He went on to add, “We will also offer advertisers the chance to partner with us on the ‘free’ areas of the service.” The US will be among the first countries to get a taste of iPlayer away from these shores, with the service pegged for a mid-2011 launch.

The BBC says this will be on the iPad at first, although the chances are this will spread its wings once the offering takes off.

Via Engadget