Apple to block iPhones being used to record videos at gigs

Apple patent reveals plans to disable iPhone videos

Apple iPhone users may soon find their devices blocked by infrared sensors while at music gigs as the consumer electronics giant steps up its bid to clamp down on music piracy

Apple hopes to put an end to iPhone touters using their smartphone to film music gigs, a patent filed by the Cupertino company has revealed.

Filed back in 2009, the patent outlines how iPhone handsets will wireless communicate with infra-red sensors at live gigs and sporting events, automatically disabling user’s video recording capabilities if the device is held aloft with the camera enabled during the show.

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Looking to cut down on music piracy and the chance to watch live gigs on the internet free of charge via video sharing sites such as YouTube, Apple’s iPhone patent if brought to market would see millions of iPhone users left maddened with record labels and venue holders presumable appeased.

Apple’s anti-gig camera patent details how “using the camera to capture a second image that includes an infrared signal with encoded data” would “disable a record function” or brand the footage with a compulsory watermark.

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Via: SkyNews