Apple overtakes RIM in global mobile sales

Steve Jobs takes fourth place in global charts

Apple leaves RIM in the dust as the race for mobile sales supremacy

It's great news for Apple as the IDC numbers for the mobile sales charts are in, placing them fourth in the top five.

This new position for the Cupertino company means that RIM has dropped down to fifth place, while Nokia still remains at the top of the chart.

The IDC numbers are taken quarterly, meaning that in the past three months alone Apple have shipped 14.1 million mobile phones around the world, giving them 4.1% of the market share.

People perhaps scoffed at Apple when the company said it would sell 10 million phones in the first year alone, but they are clearly meeting those ambitious targets now.

RIM shipments dropped this quarter to 12.4 million, giving them 3.6% of the market share. Nokia on the other hand sold an amazing 110.4 million handsets leaving them in control of the market with 32.4%,

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Link: Engadget