Apple iPhone 5 display size set to change

No WWDC launch but analysts say screen will be bigger

Apple could well be breaking the mould from using their 3.5-inch form factor by keeping up with the competitors.

Apple could be moving to a larger form factor for the iPhone 5, or at least that's what analysts are predicting. We spoke to Daniel Ashdown from tech analysis company Juniper Research who believe that Apple is definitely going larger not smaller. "There have been rumours about a iPhone Nano similar to the iPod, but we think this is way off the mark putting it in the context of the market."

"It will be particularly interesting to see what the size of the display will be given that it has not changed thus far since the iPhone was launched with a 3.5"."

Many believed that Apple would keep the screen size on account of iOS which has already been built entirely around the previous itterations, however Juniper Research believe that with so much competition they'll have no choice.

"Competitors have increased their devices to up to 4.3". We would be surprised if they didn't break from tradition this time and increase the size of the next model."

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Source: T3 Tech Videos