Apple iPhone 4S tops consumer satisfaction charts

Latest Apple smartphone secures 96 per cent satisfaction rating despite issues

Breaking yet more records Apple's iPhone 4S handset has topped all consumer satisfaction charts scoring a 96 per cent hit rate despite issues

Despite the widespread and heavily publicised battery issues that have plagued the iPhone 4S since launch Apple’s latest pocket blower has become the most customer satisfying handset to date, new reports have revealed.

With 96 per cent of 4S users stating they were satisfied with their new iPhone purchases, figures compiled by ChangeWave Research have seen Apple and the iPhone 4S rocket to the top of customer satisfaction charts with a lowly one per cent saying they were ‘very unsatisfied’ with the device.

Although failing to reveal exactly how many iPhone 4S owning consumers were questioned the ChangeWave Research study showed that 77 per cent of iPhone 4S users claimed to be ‘very satisfied’ with their handset whilst a further 19 per cent checked the box marked ‘somewhat satisfied’.

Apple iPhone 4S Issues

Attributed to the latest operating system, iOS 5, the fifth-generation Apple smartphone has been hit with battery woes since launch with even the supposed issue fixing iOS 5.0.1 update failing to correct the problem.

Extending past the battery drainage problems the iPhone 4S has also been criticised for a number of security flaws within its voice activated personal assistant Siri with wannabe intruders able to bypass handsets’ passwords using the aid.

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Via: AppleInsider